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Three-Legged-Ball-On-Spoon Race
Sent in by: Cali of Farmersville, OH

Two great games that play great together.

This game is for 4 or more players and should be played in an open area.

To play, you need a bandana, 2 spoons and 2 tennis balls for each team.

First, mark the end of your course. (You could use empty soda bottles.) It should be about 40 feet long.

Pair up in teams of two and tie your legs together.

Each player balances her tennis ball on her spoon.

On the word "go," each team walks to the end of the course and back to the starting line. If a player drops her ball, her team has to stop, she has to put her ball back on her spoon and then her team keeps going. If a player drops her tennis ball more than three times, her team is out of the race.

The first team back to the starting line wins.


not yet implemented