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The ZOOMer's Cat
Sent in by: Jodi

The ZOOMer's cat is a Zany cat!

Players sit in a circle.

The first player describes the cat with a word that begins with the letter A. So, that player might say, "The ZOOMer's cat is an Awesome cat."

The next person uses a word that begins with B: "The ZOOMer's cat is a Big cat."

Go around the circle, making your way through the alphabet.

One catch -- you have to keep a rhythm going as you play! Make the rhythm by slapping your knees twice and clapping your hands twice.

If a player can't think of a word that starts with the right letter to describe the cat, she's out. The remaining players continue the game, picking up at the letter where the last person left off.

Keep playing until one player is left.


not yet implemented