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The Guessing Game
Sent in by: Holly of Milton, ON

Let your fingers do the guessing!

To play this gross game, you'll need at least 5 people, blindfolds, paper towels, and bowls full of cold spaghetti, peeled grapes, wet tissues, petroleum jelly, Zlime with rubber worms, cooked oatmeal, mud, wet leaves, or anything else you think might feel weird if you touched it and didn't know what it was.

Have the bowls of yucky stuff covered on a table so that no one playing can see what's in them. There should be as many bowls as there are people playing.

Split-up into two teams. Have one team leave the room.

The other team puts on blindfolds and stands at the table with the bowls on it. The person who's not playing (the person who already knows what's in the bowls) removes the covers from the bowls.

Each person on the team puts her left and right hands in different bowls. There should be two bowls for each person on the team.

One person at a time guesses what is in each of his bowls.

The person who's not playing writes down what each person says was in his bowl.

Once the first team's answers have been written down, re-cover the bowls, take off their blindfolds and give them paper towels to wipe the goo off their hands. Ewwww!

The team that's already guessed has to leave and the other team has to come back and make their guesses.

Once the second team has guessed, had their answers written down, the bowls re-covered and their hands wiped, the first team can come back in.

Read the guesses from each team and then uncover each bowl. Every correct guess is worth a point. The team with the most points wins.


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