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The Cup Game
Sent in by: The ZOOMers

An ole fave, back for an encore. Ya got that?

The cup game is one of our favorite games here in ZOOMlandia. You all must like it too, because we get lots of letters and e-mails asking how to play. So here goes:

This game is for 3 or more players. (The more, the better.)

This is a game of accuracy. If you make the wrong move, you're out. The last person playing is the winner.

First take your cup and turn it upside down.

Clap twice and tap the cup 3 times on the top.

Now clap again and pick up your cup and move it to the right.

You clap, pick up the cup upside down, so when you pick it up, it's upright.

Tap the top of it with your left hand, put it down.

Pick it up with your left hand, put your right hand down, and cross your left arm over your right to put the cup back on the table.

So the whole thing is:

Clap, clap, tap, tap, tap.

Clap, move, right.

Clap, turn, touch, touch, change, pat, over.

One more time just to see if you've got it:

Clap clap tap tap tap,

Clap... move... right.

Clap, turn, touch, touch, change, pat, over.

Ya got that?


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