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Suitcase Relay
Sent in by: Kristin and Taylor of Pewaukee, WI

Pack your bags and race.

To play, divide up into teams and draw a starting line and turn around line. On the turn around line, put one suitcase for each team that has been filled with big clothes like pants, a shirt, a jacket or coat, a hat, and a pair of shoes.

On "Go," the first player for each team runs to the suitcase, opens it, puts on all the clothes, closes the suitcase, picks it up, and runs back to the starting line.

Then, he removes the clothes he just put on, puts them back into the suitcase, closes the suitcase, picks it up, and runs to the turn around line.

He then leaves the suitcase there, runs back to their team and tags the next person in line who then does the same thing.

The first team to finish wins.


not yet implemented