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Step Through Hole
Sent in by: Mark of Salem, VA

Can you fit through the hole card?

Did you know that there is a way to cut a hole in an index card, and be able to put your whole body through it? You can only use an index card and a pair of scissors. Have fun!

Fold the index card in half, the long way.

Cut two slits near the right and left edges of the card, each perpendicular to the fold. The cuts must come down from the folded half, not up from the unfolded edges. Be sure not to snip off the ends of the paper.

Cut off the folded edge from slit to slit.

Then, make about 40 cuts with your scissors. Alternate each cut, first coming down from the folded edge, and then coming up from the unfolded edges. The cuts should be parallel to the first slits you made.

Finally, open up the hole in the card. It should unfold kind of like an accordion. If you did it right, the hole is big enough for you to squeeze through!


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