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Sculpt Charades
Sent in by: Zach of Independence, MO

Sculpt Your Way to Victory!

In this game sculptors try to sculpt the word they see on a card while teams guess what is being sculpted.

To play, you'll need at least 4 people, sculpting clay, and words written on index cards. Nouns like boat, muscle, or cat work best for this game.

Divide into two teams.

Each team picks someone to be the sculptor.

The sculptors look at the word written on a card. Nobody else should see what's written.

Both sculptors sculpt the object on the card as fast as they can. The sculptors can't sculpt letters or numbers, but they can animate the clay.

Each sculptor's team guesses what she is sculpting.

When a correct guess is made, both teams stop sculpting and switch sculptors.

The first team to make three correct guesses is the winner.


not yet implemented