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Rock, Tree, Bridge Race
Sent in by: Jillian of Nashua, NH

A rock, bridge or tree? Which one will you be?

This game is for 6 or more players and should be played outside.

To play, get into teams of 3.

Line up with your teammates.

The first person in line is the rock. She ducks down on her knees with her head tucked in.

The second person in line jumps over the rock and stands up and becomes the tree.

The third person in line jumps over the rock, goes around the tree twice, and makes a tent with his body and becomes the bridge.

The person who was the rock then goes around the tree 2 times, goes under the bridge, and becomes a rock again.

They keep repeating this pattern until their team reaches the finish line.

The first team to finish wins.


not yet implemented