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Pizza Relay Race
Sent in by: Mar'Ee of CA

Get a pizza the action!

Check with a grown-up before you play. This game is for 4 or more players.

To play, you need 2 balls of pizza dough, 2 bowls of flour, 2 ladles, 2 jars or bowls of pizza sauce, 2 bowls of shredded cheese, 2 bowls of whichever additional toppings you choose (there should be enough toppings so that each player can help build the pizza), 2 pizza pans, two chef's hats and two aprons.

First, every player needs to wash his or her hands. You'll be eating these pizzas when you're done.

Set up two pizza-making stations on a clean work surface. Each station should have each ingredient.

Split into two even teams.

On the word, "go," the first player from each team puts on the chef's hat and apron, runs over to the pizza making station, sprinkles flour on the pan, stretches the pizza dough, puts it in the pizza pan and runs back to her team.

Then the next player puts on the hat and apron, runs out, scoops the sauce onto the dough and runs back.

The next player puts on the hat and apron, runs out, sprinkles the cheese over the sauce and runs back.

Keep going until the last player on the team has put the last topping on the pizza.

The first team to finish their pizza wins.

Now it's time to bake the pizzas!


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