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Pizza Box Relay
Sent in by: Callahan of Lincolnton, NC

This race really delivers!

This is a game for 4 or more players.

To play you need at least 22 empty cardboard pizza boxes. You can also use any other small cardboard boxes.

The racecourse should be about 20 feet long.

Players divide up into two teams, and divide the boxes into two stacks.

Players race to the end of the course, grab a pizza box and run back to their teammates.

They give the pizza box to the next person in line, who runs down to the end of the course and piles another box on top of the one he already has.

This continues until the ZOOMer on the team is finally carrying all 11 pizza boxes.

If a player drops the boxes, she has to stop, pile them up again and continue with the race.

First team to carry all their boxes back wins!


not yet implemented