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Pajama Pants Pop
Sent in by: Meghan of Methuen, MA

Don't pop your pants!

This game is for 4 or more players and should be played in an open area.

To play, you need 2 pairs of XXL pajama pants, lots of blown-up balloons and two large containers to hold them all. (You could use trash cans or even large garbage bags to hold the balloons.)

First, put the containers full of balloons at the end of the course, about 30 feet away from the start line.

Split into two even teams.

On the word "go," the first player puts on the pajama pants, runs down to his team's container and stuffs his pants full of balloons.

Then he has to run back to his team, take the balloons out of his pajama pants and give the pants to the next person in line. Then the next person in line goes.

The first team to empty its balloon container wins.


not yet implemented