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On A Roll
Sent in by: Amanda of NY

It's all decided by a roll of the dice.

This game is a relay race for 7 or more players and should be played in an open area.

To set up the game, mark off a playing field with a starting line and a finish line.

To play, you need a set of dice. You will also need to make a chart that shows what kind of steps players will take, like this:

1 = giant step

2 = leap

3 = twirl

4 = hop

5 = jumping jack steps

6 = steps back

Players make two teams. One player is in charge of rolling the dice.

The player rolling the dice must roll each die once. The first die determines the number of steps players must take. The second die determines the kind of steps they must take.

So, if a 3 and a 2 are rolled, players must leap 3 times.

The player rolling the dice continues to roll to determine the number and type of steps the racing players must take next.

When players get back to the starting line, the next players in line start.

The first team to cross the finish line, wins.


not yet implemented