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Mini Golf
Sent in by: Jaime of CA

Fore fun!

This game is for 2 or more players. The object of the game is to blow a ping-pong ball through a miniature golf course in the least number of blows, or strokes.

You'll need two ping-pong balls to play. Be sure to set up your course on a smooth floor or carpet.

You can make your miniature golf course any way you want. To make one like the ZOOMers made, you'll need cardboard pieces, cardboard boxes, thick books, an umbrella, paper towel tubes, and masking tape. To decorate your course use paint or markers.

Here are the directions to make a course like the one the ZOOMers used. Be sure to check with a grown-up before you start this.

Hole number 1: For your first hole, take a cardboard box and lay it on its side. Cut a semicircle in the center of the bottom edge of your box, about 3 inches in diameter. Then tape 2 parallel lines of paper towel tubes onto the floor in front of the box, to make a track for the ball.

Hole number 2: Your next hole can have a ramp leading up to it. Get a long piece of cardboard. Place one edge on the floor and lean the other edge on a pile of books to make a slope. Tape some paper towel tubes on the outside edges of the ramp to keep the ping-pong ball from falling off the sides. Place a cardboard box next to the stack of books. It should be the same height as the stack. Cut a 3-inch hole into the top of the box.

Hole number 3: Your third hole can be a windmill. For this hole, you'll need a large box, at least 3 feet high. You'll also need an umbrella and some cardboard panels, cut to look like the blades of a windmill. Cut a small 3-inch semicircle in the bottom of your box. This will be the hole you try to blow the ping-pong ball through. Then, cut a large hole into the face of your box, about two feet above the semicircle. This hole needs to be big enough to fit a closed umbrella through. After cutting the hole, stick the umbrella through the hole, up to the handle. Now open the umbrella and tape cardboard windmill blades onto the outside of the umbrella. You should be able to spin the umbrella to make it look like a windmill hole on a real miniature golf course.

Now you can decorate your course with paint or markers. Make more holes on your course with different themes and decorations, and send your ideas to ZOOM!


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