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Marshmallow Fling
Sent in by: Jenny of CA

Put a zing in the marshy fling.

This is a game for 4 or more players.

To play, you need marshmallows, some plastic spoons, and some small bags. Brown paper lunch bags work best.

Players split into teams of two. Each team has a marshmallow flinger and a marshmallow catcher.

Your playing field should be about 15 feet wide. Tape a long strip of masking tape on the floor. This is the flinging line. Then, make two two-foot squares on the floor out of masking tape, each 10 feet from the flinging line. These are the boxes that the marshmallow catchers stand in.

The marshmallow flinger has to use the plastic spoon to fling marshmallows to his teammate, the catcher.

The catcher catches her marshmallows in a lunch bag, but she can't leave her masking tape box.

The flingers fling from 10 feet away.

First team to catch 10 marshmallows in their bag wins.


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