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I Woke Up Saturday Morning
Sent in by: Cauley of SC

Don't be caught napping when the clapping starts!

This is a clapping game.

Players sit in a circle and put both hands out in front of them with palms facing up.

Overlap hands so your right hand is above the left hand of the person sitting on your right. (Get it?!)

One person starts by reaching over with their right hand and clapping the right hand of the person sitting on their left.

The clap is passed around the circle while the group says this rhyme:

I woke up Saturday morning

I looked up on the wall

I saw a team of roaches

playing basketball.

The score was ten to nothing

the roaches in the lead

I got a can of bug spray, one, two three!

If a player's hand is clapped on "three," that player is out.

If the player pulls her hand away in time, and the person claps their own hand, then that person is out. When there are only two people left in the game, the hand positions change. Player 1 holds both hands out, palms facing up. Player 2 slaps Player 1's hands with both of his hands, palms facing down. Now, Player 2 holds his hands out, and Player 1 slaps his hands.

Play continues until there is only one person left!


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