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I Never
Sent in by: Paden of St. Anthony, ID

Well, I never!

This game is a fun way to get to know people in a group.

To play, you'll need at least 3 people, index cards and pens.

Each person thinks of something she might've done, or something he thinks somebody else might've done. Write it down on a card. If it's slept in until 3PM, write, "I've never slept in until 3PM." In smaller groups, players can write down more than one thing. The more things each person writes, the longer it takes to play.

Put the cards all together in the center of the group. Take turns reading the cards.

If someone has done the thing written on the card, like slept in until 3PM, he has to raise his hand. The person reading the card has to raise her hand too, if she's done the thing that's on the card. The players can talk about the wacky things they've done when they raise their hands.


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