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Hop the Pawn
Sent in by: Jillian of Montreal, QC, Canada

Kind of like checkers but you can also play alone.

To set up your game board, draw a big triangle on a piece of paper. Then draw 15 circles in 5 rows inside the triangle. The top row should have one circle, second row 2, third row 3, fourth row 4, and the bottom should have 5.

For your game pieces, you can use pennies. Put one penny in each of the 14 circles. There should be one circle without a penny.

To play, find a penny that can hop over another one into an empty space. Then, you can take away the penny that you've hopped over. You can hop diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Hop more than once if you can!

You can play against yourself or against other people.

If you play against yourself, when you can't move any more, count the number of pennies left. The goal is to have the least number of pennies left. Keep playing until you beat your record.

If you play against other people, when someone can't move any more, everyone counts the number of pennies they have. Whoever has the most pennies wins.


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