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Guess Who
Sent in by: Stephanie of Hollywood, CA

A cow or a kitchen? Can you figure it out in just a few?

To play this guessing game, you need at least 2 people, a stopwatch (or watch that can time seconds,) tape, index cards, and pens.

Each player writes either an animal or a place on a card and tapes it to the back of another player without letting that person see what's on the card, so each player has one card stuck to her back.

Stand in a circle and then pick somebody to step in the middle to guess what's on his card.

Tell the guesser if his card is a place or an animal.

The guesser has 30 seconds to ask as many yes or no questions he can about the place or animal on his card.

After the time is up, the guesser gets two guesses.

Then it's the next person's turn to guess what's on her card. Go around until everyone has had a chance to guess.


not yet implemented