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Fortune Teller
Sent in by: Kiliki of South Dakota

Fortune Says: Good things will come to those who play this funny game.

This game is for 2 or more players.

To play, you'll need six paper bags, some pens, and lots of index cards.

To set up the game, write the word "Name" on the first bag.

On the other five bags, write the following words: "Job," "Car," "Pet," "Country," and "Home."

Then, each player fills out six index cards. So, a player would write her name on the first card, a job on the second, a car on the third, an animal on the fourth, a country on the fifth, and a type of home on the sixth.

Everybody then puts their cards in the correct bags.

Shake up the bags to mix up the cards.

Now, someone picks a card from the "Name" bag.

The person whose name is chosen then picks a card from each of the other bags.

She then puts her cards together to see her fortune, and reads the fortune aloud.

For the next round, another card is taken from the name bag to pick who reads their fortune next.


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