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Description Competition
Sent in by: The ZOOMers

Talk about beating around the bush...

To play this game you need a bunch of index cards with words written on them and a watch for timing the rounds.

Players divide into teams of pairs. Decide who will be the guesser and the describer for each team.

Teams go one at a time. While one team is playing, the other teams have to leave the room so they can't hear what the team that's playing says.

The describer for each team will describe the words written on the index cards without using the actual word. For example, if the word is "lunch," the describer will say something like "You eat this in the middle of the day. Sometimes it's a sandwich . . ." until their teammate guesses the word.

The describer cannot say what letter the words begin with or what they rhyme with. If the word is made up of two words, the describer cannot use those words separately in his description. For example, if the word is racecar, the describer can't say, "This is a car that races around a track."

See how many words each team can guess in 45 seconds.

The team that guesses the most words correctly wins. You could play two rounds for each team and switch which teammate describes and guesses for the second round. You'd need a second set of words to play this way.


not yet implemented