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Croquet Relay
Sent in by: Paige

Sir and Madam... let's do play.

You need two balls, six wacky obstacles for the croquet course, and a mallet for each team. The ZOOMers used plastic flamingoes on sticks. You can use umbrellas, hockey sticks, or anything else you can whack a ball with.

This is a game for 6 or more players. Split up into 2 teams of 3. Set up your course with the six wacky obstacles, three on one side, and three on the other side, and something to mark the turnaround point.

The object of the game is to weave back and forth around the obstacles while hitting a plastic ball with the mallet.

When you get to the end of the course, turn around, and then weave around the obstacles on the other side of the course.

First team to finish the course WINS!


not yet implemented