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Cooperation Dots
Sent in by: Carlene of New York

Cooperate your way to victory!

This is a game for 6 or more players.

First mark your course with a starting line and a finish line. Your course should be about 20 feet long.

Next, players split up into two teams of three. Each team gets a stack of large circles or "dots" made out of construction paper. You should have one more circle than you have players on your team. If your team has three people, your team will get four construction paper dots.

The object of the game is to race the other team to the finish line and back, you can only step on the dots.

If somebody steps on the floor, their whole team has to start over.

You need to have your whole foot on the dot, and dots can't be dragged on the floor.

Try to figure out the fastest way to get your whole team across the course and back.

Dots, get set, GO!


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