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Sent in by: Shelley of Brookfield, WI

The classic game of acting and guessing.

First, players think of names of movies, books, songs and TV shows.

They write them down and put them in a hat.

Then, they take turns picking a name out of the hat and without talking, they act it out for the rest of the players. Players then have to try to guess what the person is acting out.

These are the hand signals players can use so that they don't talk.

This is the hand signal for movie.~~1

This is for book.~~2

This is for song.~~3

And, this is for TV show.~~4

Also, a player should tell the other players how many words there are in the name he is acting out and which word he is acting out when.

So, if a player picked "The Wizard of Oz," he would show the rest of the players that it is a movie by using the movie signal, that there are four words by holding up four fingers, and that he is going to act out the second word first, by holding up two fingers.


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