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Buddy Tag
Sent in by: Crystal of UT

Thanks a lot, buddy!

This game is for 6 or more players (the more players, the more fun it is to play!) and should be played in an open area.

In this game, you have to hold on to a buddy to avoid being tagged!

To play, one person is "it" and one person is the runner.

Everyone else finds a partner and links arms. The pairs of buddies scatter around the playing field.

The person who is "it" tries to tag the runner.

To avoid being caught, the runner has to link up with a pair of buddies before "it" can tag him.

When the runner finds a buddy, he links arms and is safe . . . but now the buddy on the other side of the pair becomes the runner!

If the runner is tagged before she can link up with a pair of buddies, she's now "it," and "it" becomes the runner.

The game can go on forever, so stop playing when you're out of breath!


not yet implemented