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Blindfolded Water Balloon Catch
Sent in by: Berlin of Gardena, CA

Look out above! Water balloons approaching.

This is a game for 6 or more players and should always be played outside. Get permission from your parents before you do this.

To play this game you'll need balloons, water, blindfolds and some clothes that you don't mind getting wet.

The object of game: Be the team to catch the most water balloons BLINDFOLDED!

Divide into 3 teams of 2. One player on each team is the thrower while the other is the catcher.

The thrower from each team throws 5 balloons in a row to her catcher who is blindfolded.

Throwers have to use words to tell their catchers when the water balloon is about to land.

After all three teams have gone the catchers become the throwers. After everyone has gone, the team that caught the most balloons wins.


not yet implemented