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Blindfolded Quick Pics
Sent in by: Wes and Catherine of Yorktown, VA

Even blindfolded, it's easy to see that this game is fun!

In this game one person from each team tries to draw the word she sees on a card - blindfolded.

To play, you will need two big pads of paper, two markers and two blindfolds. You will also need a bunch of index cards with objects or animals written on them. Keep in mind that simple objects, like a table, might be easier to draw than more complicated ones, like eggbeaters.

Divide into two teams. Pick one person from each team to be the artist.

Show the artists from each team a card with a word on it, but don't let the other players see the word. Then blindfold the artists.

Both artists draw the object written on the card as fast as they can.

Each team guesses what the artists are drawing. Players from both teams can look at both drawings.

The first team to guess correctly gets a point. You might want to switch artists after each round.

The first team to get three points wins.


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