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Baseball Words
Sent in by: Jordan of IA

Batter up! Swing, batter!

This is a spelling bee that you play like a baseball game.

To play this game, you'll need index cards with a spelling word on one side, and how much the word is worth on the other (single, double, triple, home run).

For example, the word "spring" seems easy to spell, so it would be worth a single. But a word like "impatient" seems pretty hard, so it would be worth a home run.

You'll also need base markers for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Home.

Put all the cards in a hat.

One player is the pitcher for both teams. The other players split into two teams.

The pitcher chooses a word out of the hat and reads it to the first batter.

If the batter spells the word correctly, she advances to base. So, for example, if the word was worth a single, the batter would go to first base. If the next person up at bat gets a word worth a double and spells it correctly, then he would advance to second base, and the batter on first base would advance to third base.

But, if the batter spells the word incorrectly, she's out and the other team gets a turn up at bat.

You can play as many innings as you'd like.

The team with the most runs wins.


not yet implemented