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Balloon Hoop Game
Sent in by: Anna and Caroline of Highlands Ranch, CO

Hoop it up!

This is a game for 7 people, 6 players and one referee.

To play, you need a blown up balloon and two hula-hoops.

Players divide into two teams of three.

Each team has a hula-hoop, which will be their basketball hoop.

One person from each team holds up their team's hoop at chest level.

The object of the game is to hit the balloon into the hoop. Players can only hit the balloon with their head, shoulders, elbows, or knees-but no hands! Teams are allowed to play defense, but still cannot touch the balloons with their hands. Players can't hit balloon twice in a row.

If the balloon hits the ground, it's out of play. The referee then goes back to the middle to toss it up.

The first team to score three baskets wins.


not yet implemented