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Balloon Change Race
Sent in by: Megan and Meagan of Carnesville, GA

A racing game to help you run on time.

This is a game for 6 or more players and should be played outside or in an open area.

Tape a start line and a finish line onto the floor.

You'll need two boxes, each with a jacket, shirt, and oversized pair of pants.

You'll also need two blown up balloons.

Players divide up into 2 teams of 3.

To play, players race down to the end of the course while keeping the balloon in the air.

At the end of the course, players have to grab an item and put it on while keeping the balloon in the air.

Players then run back to their team and pass the balloon to the next player. If the balloon hits the ground, you have to go back behind the line and try again.

The first team to put on all the clothing while keeping the balloon airborne wins.


not yet implemented