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Apple Relay
Sent in by: Lyndsey

This game will be the apple of your eye.

This game is for 4 or more players and should be played in an open area.

To play, you need one apple for each team and something to mark the end of your course. (You could use empty soda bottles.)

First, place your markers at the end of your course, about 40 feet away from the starting line.

Split into two even teams.

On the word "go," a team member places an apple on the back of the first player.

The first player races to the end of the course and back without letting the apple fall off her back. If the apple falls off, that player has to stop where she is and put it back on. Once the apple is back in place, she keeps going from where it fell off.

When the player gets back to her team, she puts the apple on the back of the next person in line.

The first team to finish wins.


not yet implemented