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Worry Doll

Sent in by:
Natalie of Medfield, MA 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • a peg-style wooden clothespin (one that doesn't have a spring)
  • 2 popsicle™ sticks
  • yarn
  • markers
  • glue
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Cut the ends off of popsicle™ sticks. These will be the doll's arms.
  2. Glue the arms to the "neck" of the clothespin so they stick out at an angle. Let them dry.
  3. Use your markers to draw hair and a face on the top of the clothespin. You can also color shoes at the bottom of the clothespin.
  4. Starting at the "neck" of the doll, dab a little glue and hold the end of the yarn down for a minute.
  5. Start wrapping the yarn around the arms of the doll to make a shawl. Glue down the end.
  6. Take a new piece of yarn to make either pants or a skirt for the doll. To make pants, wrap the yarn down the clothespin, weaving it between the legs to the bottom. For a skirt, glue the yarn to start at the waist and wrap straight down the doll, gluing off the end just above the shoes.
  7. Cut the yarn and glue it off at the bottom just above the shoe.
  8. Let the glue dry for a few hours.
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