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Tie Creature

Sent in by:
After School, Inc. of Needham, MA 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • an old tie (get permission to use it!)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pair of googlie eyes
  • felt scraps
  • pencil or other long object for stuffing the tie
  • needle and thread
  • some s-s-s-s-stuffing (you can get this at a fabric store)
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Open the skinny end of the tie. Use a pencil to shove some stuffing in there, all the way up to the middle of the tie.
  2. Stuff in more stuffing...
  3. Keep on stuffing!
  4. Once this end is full, use your needle and thread to sew it closed.
  5. Move to the wide end of the tie and start filling up that end.
  6. Stuff more stuffing until full.
  7. Sew up this end. Perform surgery on any leaks that may have developed in your serpent.
  8. Cut a forked tongue out of fabric and sew it to the head (the large end) of your creature. Glue on the googlie eyes.
  9. What can you add to... Create a rattle? Make the snake wrap around things? Make a scented snake?
not yet implemented