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Sent in by:
Donnelle of Waupaca, WI 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • person to be your model
  • lamp, to make a shadow of your model's head
  • large sheets of black construction paper
  • white chalk or a white crayon
  • colored construction paper to mount your silhouette on
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Have your model sit sideways on a chair in front of a wall.
  2. Then, position the lamp so the light is shining directly on your model. Make sure you can see the shadow of his profile on the wall. You may have to fiddle with the distance between the lamp and your model until the shadow looks good.
  3. Tape the black construction paper on the wall, so it covers the shadow of your model's head.
  4. Using white chalk or a white crayon, carefully trace around the outline of your model's head. Make sure you don't get in between the model and the light or you won't be able to see the shadow. Don't rush while you do it or it won't come out well.
  5. After you're done tracing, cut the silhouette out and glue it onto another piece of construction paper. Try making silhouettes of your family or friends so that you can have your own silhouette art gallery.
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