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Shadow Puppet Theater

Sent in by:
Citizen Schools of Boston, MA 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • a cardboard box at least as big as your Shadow Puppet, but bigger if you want to put on a show with lots of puppets
  • white tissue paper
  • tape
  • scissors
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Take the cardboard box and cut off one entire side. Make sure you don't cut off the top or the bottom of the box. Cover that side with white tissue paper and tape it around the box. Be sure the tissue is pulled tight and smooth.
  2. Cut a 4-inch wide peephole in the middle of the side that is opposite to the one that you just cut off. This is the hole you'll look through to see the play.
  3. Now you've got your theater and are ready to perform a shadow puppet play.
  4. Just place your puppets in front of the tissue side of the box, making sure there's enough light in the room to cast a shadow through the box. If you can't see a shadow, point a flashlight or other bright light source at the tissue side of the box.
  5. When you look through the peep hole you should be able to see the shadow of your puppet.
  6. Now experiment with moving your puppets and have them perform plays.
  7. Bravo! Encore!
not yet implemented