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Sent in by:
Jill of South Orange, NJ 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • photos and mementos
  • cardboard
  • hole puncher
  • some fabric with a nice design on it
  • glue
  • construction paper
  • ribbon
  • sharpened pencil
  • scissors
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Measure and cut out two pieces of cardboard so that they are a little bigger than the size of your construction paper. They will be the front and back covers of your book.
  2. Using a hole puncher, punch three holes on the left side of both of the cardboard covers.
  3. Cut out two pieces of fabric that are a little bit larger than the cardboard. A good way to do this is to put your cardboard pieces down on the fabric. Trace around the cardboard leaving two inches of space on each side. Then, cut out the fabric and cut off all of the corners of the fabric. This will make it easier to fold.
  4. Place the cardboard on top of the fabric. Spread some glue on the edges of the cardboard. Fold the fabric over the edges of the cardboard.
  5. Glue a sheet of construction paper on the cardboard side, overlapping the fabric. Do this on both pieces. This makes it look nice and helps keep the fabric in place.
  6. Now feel along the edge of the cardboard for the holes. Cut slits in the fabric along these holes with scissors. Take a pencil and poke it through the slits to make the holes bigger. If you're not allowed to use scissors ask an adult to help you.
  7. Take the construction paper and punch three holes in the left side of each sheet. You might want to put reinforcements on the holes so the paper doesn't rip.
  8. Thread a piece of ribbon through each of the three holes of the cover, the back, and the pages of your book. Tie each ribbon into a bow. This will keep your book together. If you have trouble putting the ribbon through the holes, make them bigger with your pencil.
  9. Now, you're ready to paste things into your scrapbook. You might want to think of a theme for your scrapbook, like School Days, and have a section for each grade. Or you can make a scrapbook to remember a special trip or event. Whatever you do, you'll be very happy that you have your scrapbook when you want to look at your memories later on.
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