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Paper Flowers

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What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • pipe cleaners
  • scissors or craft scissors that cut interesting lines
  • lots of paper - notebook paper, wrapping paper, waxed paper, magazines, newspaper, tissue paper, and even aluminum foil
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. To start, fold one end of the pipe cleaner down about a quarter of an inch two times, to form a little nub.

  1. You can also give your flower a colored center by wrapping the end of the pipe cleaner with a small piece of paper and then folding it down.
  2. Now, cut out any shapes you want. Circles, triangles, stars, long strips, anything you can think of. You can use craft scissors to get interesting edges.
  3. Push the pipe cleaner through the center of the pieces of paper. Make sure the decorative side of the paper faces the nub you made with the pipe cleaner. Do the small circles first, and then the larger shapes. Slide them up the pipe cleaner until you get to the bend. Scrunch them up a little bit to make them look more like a real flower.

  1. Create your own paper flower designs! You can look at real flowers for inspiration or just use your imagination. The more different types of paper you use and funky shapes you cut out, the more beautiful your bouquet will be!
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