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Sent in by:
Claudia of Buena Park, CA 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • 3 small rectangular mirrors. They should all be the same size. You can find them at a drug store.
  • glitter, paper shapes, small beads, confetti
  • construction paper
  • masking tape and clear tape
  • sticky clear lamination paper and plastic wrap
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Using masking tape, tape the three mirrors together the long way, mirror side in, into a tent shape.
  2. Turn it over, place the bottom side on the lamination paper and trace two triangles. Then, place it on the plastic wrap and trace another triangle.
  3. Cut out the three triangles.
  4. Sandwich glitter and small bits of colored paper and confetti between the two pieces of lamination paper.
  5. Put the beads and more confetti on top of the lamination paper and with clear tape, tape the plastic wrap on top of it.
  6. Using clear tape again, tape the packet to the end of the mirrors.
  7. Trace the sides of the Kaleidoscope onto black construction paper, turning it over three times so the paper will cover all three sides.
  8. Cut it out and tape it around the outside of the mirrors.
  9. And there's your Kaleidoscope.
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