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Jean Pocket Bag and Jean Leftovers

Sent in by:
Felicia of MN 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • old pair of jeans
  • fabric glue - you can find this at a crafts or sewing store
  • stuff to decorate your bag like ribbon, markers, and fabric paint
  • scissors
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Cut out the back pocket of your jeans. This will leave you with a little pouch.

  1. To make the handle for your bag, cut out one of the seams from the side of your pant leg. Cut down one side of the seam, and the other. Decide how long you want your handle to be, and cut the seam to that length.

  1. Squeeze some fabric glue on the ends of the seam and tuck them inside the pocket. Now your bag has a handle.

  1. Now for the fun part, you get to design your bag! You can use all kinds of stuff to decorate your bag: paint, markers, or ribbon. You could take some ribbon and make a bow or use markers and paint to make designs.
  2. Leave your pocket bag out so that the glue and paint can dry.
  3. Once the glue dries, your bag is ready to wear!
  4. When you've finished your jean pocket bag you will have lots of leftover jean material. Instead of just throwing it out, experiment and see how many different things you can make out of the leftover material.
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