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What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • different colored tissue paper (about 10 by 12 inches)
  • scissors
  • quarters
  • strings
  • rulers
  • pencils
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. This is a toy that comes from Korea and China. In Korean it's called Jaegi. In Chinese it's called Jianxi (pronounced CHEN sah). It's kind of like a hacky sack. A traditional Korean Jaegi is made from a coin with a hole in the middle; the coin has paper, leather or feathers wrapped around it. There are many variations of the game: kicking the Jaegi with two feet only; holding it on the foot before kicking it; or only using the outside of the foot. The object of the game is to see how long you can keep it in the air using your feet and legs. You can play by yourself or in a group.
  2. To start, take two pieces of tissue paper and stack them together.
  3. Fold the paper in half the long way.
  4. Take a ruler and draw lines an equal distance apart starting from the folded edge out to the loose edge of the paper.
  5. Use scissors to cut along the lines towards the fold, stopping about an inch before you get to the edge.
  6. Unfold the tissue paper, lay it flat, and stack two quarters at one end of the crease.

  1. Wrap the quarters tightly in the tissue.

  1. Pull the ends up and tie them together with a string.
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