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Button Flowers

Sent in by:
Skyla of WY 


What you need for this ZOOMdo:
  • buttons in different sizes and colors
  • floral wire - you can get this at a crafts store
  • scissors
What you do for this ZOOMdo:

  1. Cut a piece of floral wire any size you want.
  2. Bend the wire about 1/3 of the way from the top so you have a short end and a long end.
  3. Slide a small button onto the long end of the wire until you get to the bend in the wire.
  4. When you get to the bend in the wire, thread the short end of the wire through the other hole on the button, and keep pushing it up to the bend. The bigger the holes are on your buttons, the easier this is to do.

  1. Now do the same thing with a bigger button.
  2. Twist the short end of the wire around the long end of the wire.
  3. And there's your button flower. You can make a whole bunch of flowers for a beautiful button bouquet.

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