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Hot Cocoa Pops

This recipe was sent to us by: 
Amanda of Flagstaff, AZ
A cool cocoa treat!

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Hot Cocoa Pops

Here's what you will need to make it:

  • hot cocoa mix

  • marshmallows

  • 9 oz. plastic cups

  • popsicle sticks

  • aluminum foil

Here's what you have to do:

1. Check with a grown-up before you start.

2. Ask an adult to help you make some hot cocoa. You can use a mix, or you can make it from scratch.

3. Let the hot cocoa cool off. After it's cooled, pour it into a plastic cup.

4. Then, stick a marshmallow halfway up a popsicle stick. Put the popsicle stick in the cup.

5. Cover the cup with a piece of aluminum foil. Press down so that the end of the popsicle stick pokes out of the foil. The foil will keep the popsicle stick in place.

6. Freeze your popsicles overnight.

7. When they're ready, wiggle the stick back and forth to get your popsicle out of the cup.

8. Enjoy this frozen hot cocoa treat!

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