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Egg Boats

This recipe was sent to us by: 
Christina of CA
More eggsellent eating.

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Egg Boats

Here's what you will need to make it:

  • 3 hard boiled eggs

  • mayonnaise

  • salt & pepper

  • toothpicks

  • construction paper

  • tape

  • scissors

  • small mixing bowl

  • fork

  • measuring spoons

  • plate

  • knife

Here's what you have to do:

1. Check with a grown-up and wash your hands before you start this.

2. This recipe requires hard-boiled eggs. You need to use the stove to make them, so have an adult make some for you ahead of time.

3. To start, peel your eggs, then cut them in half the long way.

4. Scoop the egg yolks out and put them in a bowl. Use a fork to mix the yolk with 2 teaspoons of mayonnaise, and sprinkle in some salt and pepper.

5. Spoon the mixture back into the white part of eggs.

6. Cut a small triangle out of a piece of colored construction paper.

7. Then, tape the triangle to a toothpick to form a mast and sail.

8. Stick the sail into the yolk to form a boat. You can also make a sail out of cheese!

9. Now you have a little sailboat. You can make a whole fleet! Ahoy matey!

10. Thanks Christina!

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