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How You Are Helping
How You
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Kids Who Have Joined the Team!

Aiden, age 8 of Utica, NY

Emily, age 9 of Clarksville, IA

Adriana, age 13 of Franklin, OH

Gabriel, age 7 of New York

Reah, age 8 of New York City

Amy, age 9 of Franklinville, NC

Bb10, age 9 of Cincinnati, OH

Ffion, age 7 of United Kingdom

Iyanna, age 9 of Fairfax, VA

Jacob, age 7 of ID

Tekalegn, age 10 of Downingtown, PA

Leah, age 7 of Rigby, ID

Victoria, age 14 of Kalispell

Pat, age 13 of Philadelphia, PA

Sarai, age 7 of Honolulu, HI

Brooklyn, age 8 of Minneapolis, MN

Callie, age 10 of HI

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