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How You Are Helping
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Here's what we've heard from you!

Ashley, age 9 of Urbana, IL wrote:

I gave food to the Catholic Woprker House a place for homeless people so they can have food I also gave them money to buy milk and other things.

Gina, age 13 of PA wrote:

I recently did a penny drive at my school; for a family I know who lost everything ithey had in a fire. The penny drive raised over 100 dollars!!!

Rachel, age 13 of Deerfield, IL wrote:

My best friends and I helped to raise money to buy food in African countries.

Danielle, age 9 of Hayward, CA wrote:

Every year My Girl scout troop Would go to the Seinor setner and carol for them.

Christian, age 13 of Clarkdale, AZ wrote:

I helped the animal center in cottonwood with sick animals by providing them with fresh food and water

Taylor, age 10 of Woodstock, GA wrote:

I helped people that did not understand what we were doing... I love t help... my teacher asked me if I had got it and I said yes so I spent 3 hours and helped five people do math

Shelby, age 9 of Las Vegas, NV wrote:

I became friends with my neigbors, and hlped my friend Jasmin with her school grade. So the best way to help someone is to become friends with them.

Mikayela, age 8 of Millaukee, WI wrote:

I did a peace rally for my commuity to end violence. we marched down the block saying... WE WANT PEACE!

Grace, age 10 of Oak Ridge, TN wrote:

I help animals as much as I can when they are hurt. Once there was a fly that could not fly and I kept it until it could fly again. There was a butterfly flying arond the interstate and it landed on my moms windshield. I made her pull over as quick as she could. I got out of the car and got it. I t had 1 wing that had been ripped off so.. sadly it died. That is the only death I have had. I mainly take care of flys, butterflys, and caterpillars.

Monique, age 8 of Whitby, ON wrote:

I donated to the Terry Fox cancer recerch.

Jena, age 10 of Scranton, PA wrote:

recycle cleaning up sharing your stuff

Vaden, age 11 of Northern Arm, NF wrote:

I cleened the bathroom my room and some other things

Cathy, age 13 of Chicago, IL wrote:

I donated 5000 cans of canned goods to the homeless shelter I did it with the help of my shool.

Joshua, age 7 of Yarmouth, NS wrote:

I picked up 2 meters of garbage at my school!

Emily, age 5 of Roundrock wrote:

I help kids whith dipbedes by rasing two hundered dolrs

Sonjah, age 11 of Falling Waters, WV wrote:

I and my sister Rosah made necklaces for girls in india who live in a orphanage we also gave our money to them ( 120$)

Charlette, age 10 of Roy, WA wrote:

I donated all of my unwanted clothes to the local homeless shelter.

Karlene, age 6 of Brampton, ON wrote:

At school I help people by keeping them safe. I move chairs and keep them out of the way of people by makign sure they don't fall. I also, tuck in chairs so people don't trip.

Samantha, age 12 of Hopewell, VA wrote:

I helped a boy in my daycare class, trey, move around in his weel chair. we spent the whole time playing puzzles and games!!!

Danielle, age 14 of Philadelphia wrote:

Me and a few of my friends decided to raise 2 bake sales at school to raise money. We raised about 200 dollars! Then we went to are nearest SPCA and played with the animals, and donated the money. We were so happy after we achieved this because we helped the animals in many ways.

Tiffany, age 12 of New Oxferd, PA wrote:

I felt bad for the kids that had to spend Christmas at the hospital so I sewed stuff for them and brought them to the hospital and handed them out.

Calvin, age 10 of Philadelphia wrote:

i help my mom and my dad att home and my sister and brother by doing there crores and clean dishes and clean rooms .

Alyssa, age 13 of Portsmouth, NH wrote:

I went to a nursing home and played games with the residents.

Hannah, age 10 of Moantop wrote:

I walked for my school so we can rais money for school like for books

Karin, age 8 of Omaha, NE wrote:

I went to Race for the Cure with my friend, Abigail. I also saw Anne, Bella, Emma, Catherine, and Ella. We walked 3 miles from Downtown to help people with breast cancer.

Luis, age 12 of Los Angeles wrote:

I picked up the trash in the street

Elizabeth, age 12 of Dinwiddie, VA wrote:

I did the dishes after supper for my mother because it is one of my chores.

Kyle, age 11 of Prescott, AZ wrote:

My class and I went on a hike to a creek and on the way there we picked up all the trash we could find. When we got to the creek we picked up trash too. It made me feel good that I helped make the earth a cleaner place!

Brian, age 18 of Framingham, MA wrote:

I helped different people to zoom out the vote

Lily, age 9 of Berry, ON wrote:

I helped moed 3 poeple's lawn, I gave 7 people 1 box of home-made cookies. I also cleaned 23 peopels whole house.

Erin, age 11 of Tecumseh, MI wrote:

I helped with ging out in the woods and pcking up the trash in there. People throw too much garbage down ther. It was fun my brother Derek and sister Anna helped.

Alysann, age 11 of Reform, AK wrote:

I helped my class go to F. A. W. N. day. F. A. W. N. day is forestry awerness week now. We learned how to identify trees and animals, learn what's in th soil and tree replanting. I wish it could be all around the world.

Addie, age 12 of TN wrote:

I help her play football. and not to do bad things I love helping other kids

Shayla, age 8 of Caledonia, NS wrote:

I clean the tables and clean up all day long.

Jennifer, age 9 of San Francisco, CA wrote:

I helped a new kid from school english. She didn't know how to speak english but only burmese. I helped her and she is very good now( she is smart and fast learner.)

Cire, age 8 of PA wrote:

I help my dad walk

Jordan, age 11 of Salisbury, NC wrote:

I am currently cleaning up the neighborhood park, which is practically a trash dump.

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