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How You Are Helping!

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How You Are Helping
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Here's what we've heard from you!

Aiden, age 8 of Utica, NY wrote:

I helped my grandpa when he burnt his hand at work. It was covered with blisters.

Emily, age 9 of Clarksville, IA wrote:

I gave sick people soup, cooled it down by blowing on it, and helped them move.

Gabriel, age 7 of New York wrote:

I help other pepole and animals to keep them safe.

Adriana, age 13 of Franklin, OH wrote:

When all my family was sick. I, (the only healthy one) had to cook, clean, and give them whatever they needed.

Reah, age 8 of New York City wrote:

I help my dad when he is not well. After he is better he will go to work. I love my dad and my famiy.

Bb10, age 9 of Cincinnati, OH wrote:

Helped mom with tree.

Amy, age 9 of Franklinville, NC wrote:

I helped kids with ther homework.

Ffion, age 7 of United Kingdom wrote:

I help my teacher and I said how we could help our school and improve our school and how we could improve our presintaition.

Iyanna, age 9 of Fairfax, VA wrote:

Kettle drive, walk for the homeless, food can drive, angel tree, clean up duty.

Jacob, age 7 of ID wrote:

I held lizeds fid new homs for them.

Tekalegn, age 10 of Downingtown, PA wrote:

I pick trash when I see it.

Leah, age 7 of Rigby, ID wrote:

I made bookmarks for my whole class even my teacher!

Victoria, age 14 of Kalispell wrote:

Helped out when a senior needed it after she had surgery.

Pat, age 13 of Philadelphia, PA wrote:

Gave kids food. Played with the. I also gave them tuys.

Sarai, age 7 of Honolulu, HI wrote:

I helped sick, hunry, lonley, & hurt people. Some lonley people now have friends, sick people have been cured, & hungry people now have some food to eat & share. P. S:There grateful for what they have.

Callie, age 10 of HI wrote:

I gave food to hungry people. I helped them. I gave them can food.

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