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How You Can Help!

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How You Can Help
How You
Can Help

How You Are Helping
How You
Are Helping

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Your Story

Ways to ZOOM into Action
Ways to ZOOM
into Action
Getting Started
Getting Started

Resources for ZOOMteamers!

Here are the Web sites mentioned in Ways to ZOOM Into Action. Please remember that we didn't make the sites listed, and are not responsible for their content.

Helping Animals:

Animaland Pet Care Guide

American Humane Society: Just for Kids


Helping People Who Are Hungry or Homeless:

Help the Homeless

Kids Can Make a Difference

Meals on Wheels

Second Harvest

Helping People Who Are Sick:

Kids Konnected


Helping the Environment:

Meet the GREENS

The Big Gift for the Rain Forest

Kids Make a Difference

Kids' Planet

Tree Musketeers

Helping Kids:

Care Bags Foundation

International Labor Organization

Helping Seniors:

Help the Aged

How Old Is Old?

Helping People with Disabilities:

National Federation for the Blind


Helping Your Neighborhood:

Just for Kids

The Mega Penny Project

Helping the World:

Amnesty International Kids

MaMaMedia's HQ4PEACE site

Oxfam's Cool Planet

Peace Corps Kids World

Say Hello to the World

Sight Night

not yet implemented