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Who's Zoboo?
Joke of the Day
Why was the horse able to leave the hospital and go back to the barn?
Because she was in stable condition!
Download a Zoboo Screensaver Learn to draw Zoboo!Zoboo Learn to Draw Zoboo
Another Joke

Printing Instructions:
Click on the LEARN TO DRAW ZOBOO image and you will be taken to the print out pages. Take note that there are 2 pages to print for complete drawing instructions. To print your picture click on the Print in the top right corner of your screen (you need to have access to a printer).


Under the 'File' option in the upper-left corner of the new window, select 'Print' (you need to have access to a printer).

Once you have finished printing back 1, select the 2 in order to print the second page.

When the printing is finished select the BACK button to return to the WHO'S ZOBOO page.

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