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After Ditch didn't catch Pike's Place fishmonger fish we went on a big boat in Puget Sound to forget about dropped fish. Near some islands called San Juan Islands the tour guide said we may see huge whales! Before this gopher could do a flip in the air, two huge very large whales called orca whales jumped out of the water near our boat. They were bigger than my gopher village back home. One whale hit the water very hard and the splash gave all of us a shower. We could have cried but Ditch and I laughed. I looked right in orca's eye, he looked at me, then he splashed us one more time! Holy strudel!

Guess where we went to next? The Space Needle! Actual fact – the Space Needle in Seattle is 605 feet tall. That is taller than 300 gophers standing on each other's head straight up in the air! We were on-the-ground gophers one minute, then in 43 seconds on elevator, we were up-near-the-top of Space Needle gophers! We looked out over all Seattle and saw huge Mount Rainer. It is a famous mountain with snow on the top. Ditch did not find any aliens and no one could tell him if the Space Needle really flew to outer space. GoBro did not listen to me. But, he did come with me to Space Needle restaurant. We ate Seattle food and munched on Washington State apples. My first shirt in old Mommy village was made out of an apple, but that's another story…

Apple Pie Picks

The Space Needle

This 605 foot Seattle landmark was built for the 1962 World's Fair. At the time, it represented the hope the city had for being a leader in technology and science. Take the 41 second elevator ride up 520 feet to the observation deck to see views of the whole city. On the observation deck there are displays that will help you recognize different landmarks around the city and beyond. Mount Gainer, the Cascade Mountains, the Olympic Mountains and the waters of Lake Union and Elliot Bay are all in clear view from the high powered telescopes on the deck.

Pike Place Market

Located on a steep hill above Elliott Bay, the Pike Place Market opened August 17, 1907. It originally opened as a spot where customers could buy directly from the farmers in the local area. Today it is still a popular spot for more than 200 small local businesses, 190 craftspeople and 120 farmer booths to sell their products. The market offers flowers by the bucketful, fresh fish and meats, pastries and fruit, handmade cheeses, local honey, eateries, collectibles and much more. The market is also famous for the fishmongers who throw huge fish to each other! This is a great place to gather items for a picnic and taste a bit of the Pacific Northwest.

The Museum of Flight

This air and space museum located next to Boeing Field has an amazing collection of all things that fly! It is home to America's first jet Air Force One; the original 737; a Boeing 727; the mach 3 Blackbird spy plane; the very first 747; a Concorde jet; and an original aircraft from the days of the Wright Brothers. The 58,000 square-foot Personal Courage Wing teaches tales of courage through hands on exhibits and a collection of 28 World War I and World War II fighter planes. The Great Gallery, a six-story tall glass and steel structure, has more than 20 full-size aircrafts hanging from the ceiling. Fly a F-18 Hornet, sit in a hang gliding harness, pilot an Apollo lunar lander or bring the Space Shuttle home after a mission orbiting the Earth. Visit the air traffic control tour overlooking the real Boeing Field and listen over the speakers to real pilots talking to the control tower. Don't forget to tour the two story Red Barn, the original factory of the Boeing Airplane Company.

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Local Chow

Washington State Apples

Although Seattle has much to offer with fresh fish, produce and delicacies; the apple is a star of Washington State. Apples are the largest agricultural crop in Washington. In the fall, Washington harvests over 100 million boxes of apples, each weighing about 40 pounds and equaling over 10 billion hand-picked apples a year. The nine most commonly grown apples in Washington are Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Honeycrisp, Cripps Pink and Cameo. Apples grown in smaller quantities in the area are Criterion, Empire, Jonagold, Macintosh, Newton Pippin, Rome and Winesap. Apples are a great snack food – they are easy to carry, don't require utensils or preparation, and are crunchy and delicious. Apples are an important ingredient in many dishes such as apple pie, apple crumble, apple butter, apple jelly, apple crisp, apple cake and applesauce. They are popular all over the United States; last year the average American ate 19 pounds of fresh apples! Hooray for the farmers of Washington!

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Digging History


The Denny Party, a group of European American pioneers, arrives at Alki Point and establishes a small settlement that would become Seattle.


David "Doc" Maynard arrives in the area and names the city after his friend, Chief Sealth or Chief Seattle, the leader of the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes.


The University of Washington is founded in Seattle.


Seattle's first newspaper, "The Gazette," is published.


Seattle is officially incorporated as a city.


The city's first mayor, Henry Atkins, is elected.


The Great Northern Railway, more than 1700 miles long, comes to Seattle.


The Klondike gold rush reaches Seattle after gold is discovered in the nearby Yukon Territory of Canada.


The Pike Place Market opens as one of the first farmer's market in the United States.


The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, a World's Fair highlighting the Pacific Northwest, is held in Seattle.


William E. Boeing starts his Boeing airline manufacturing company as "Pacific Aero Products Company."


The Pacific Aero Products Company becomes the Boeing Airplane Company.


Construction of the Lake Washington Ship Canal is officially completed. The canal runs through the city of Seattle and connects the fresh water of Lake Washington with the salt water of Puget Sounds.


Seattle hosts the "futuristic" World's Fair.


The Boeing 747, nicknamed the Jumbo Jet, makes its first passenger flight.


The Seattle Aquarium opens its doors on Pier 59.


Seattle changes its nickname from "The Queen City" to the "Emerald City" to celebrate its beautiful green scenery.


The Summer Goodwill Games are hosted in Seattle with 2300 athletes and 54 countries competing.


The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour opens.

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