What does a day at Reading Camp look like? How is each day special and different? This Overview of the SUPER WHY Reading Camp Day gives you some answers.


Take notes in your Learning Log as you watch the slideshow.
  • What is the early literacy goal for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4 of Reading Camp?
  • What is the focus of Reading Camp Day 5?


The SUPER WHY Reading Camps include three weeks of curricula, each featuring a specific SUPER WHY episode: Week 1—The Three Little Pigs; Week 2—Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure; Week 3—Around the World Adventure. As Deborah explains, each day of a Reading Camp week follows the same basic sequence of activities: campers watch a SUPER WHY episode (the same episode all week) and then engage in a variety of interactive early literacy activities. This predictable schedule makes it easy for you to organize each day and gets kids used to the sequence of activities—they know what to expect.

Over the course of a week, campers spend a day focusing on each of four critical early literacy skills:
  • letter identification (Day 1: Alpha Pig’s Alphabet Day)
  • rhyming and word families (Day 2: Wonder Red’s Words Day)
  • letter sounds and spelling (Day 3: Princess Presto’s Spelling Day)
  • vocabulary and reading comprehension (Day 4: Super Why’s Reading Day)
On Day 5—Super You Day—families are invited to join the campers in songs, games, and celebration of what the kids have accomplished in their week at SUPER WHY Reading Camp.

Teacher-to-Teacher Tips

“We made an illustrated Daily Schedule Chart to share with the children. Each day we put the SUPER WHY character of the day at the top of the chart. We put a picture next to the name of each activity. This helped the children (and us!) understand at a glance what the plans were for that Reading Camp day.”
— Loretta Baker, Baltimore, Maryland

“The children love wearing capes! We found inexpensive muslin that we cut with pinking shears into large rectangles. The children decorated them with markers and SUPER WHY stickers. We taped the capes onto their shoulders with masking tape—very fun!”
— Tasha Weinstein, Tallahassee, Florida

“Each day I wore the colors of the character for the day—orange for Alpha Pig, red for Wonder Red, purple for Princess Presto, and green for Super Why. I tried to include some kind of dramatic play prop, too—a tool kit for Alpha Pig, knee pads for Wonder Red, a crown for Princess Presto, and a cape for Super Why.”
—Loretta Baker, Baltimore, Maryland

“Rather than name badges, we printed names on label paper—five for each child so they would have a new one for each day of camp.”
—Trista Peitzman, Johnston, Iowa

“As we greeted children, they were asked to find their own name tags on the table. They were finding each other's by the end of the week! We didn't pin them on—but rather put them on lanyards, which you get at conferences.”
—Kathy Smith, Toledo, Ohio


How might you introduce the daily schedule to your campers and quickly preview the activities they will be doing that day? What are some ways you might emphasize and celebrate the SUPER WHY character of the day with your campers? Write your ideas in your Learning Log.
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