Game: Letter ID Bingo

This Bingo game is a great way to reinforce letter recognition. There are lots of little variations you can introduce to make sure all kids are working at their skill level and to keep the pace varied, lively, and engaging!


Take notes in your Learning Log as you watch the slideshow.
  1. How does Deborah keep motivation high during the Bingo game?
  2. What are some of the ways she meets each camper at his or her own reading level?


1. Meet each camper at his or her skill level.

Like Deborah, you can use the Skill Level Options from the Reading Camp Curriculum as well as other teaching techniques to challenge campers with more advanced reading skills and support those at earlier skill levels.

  • Encourage kids to chime in and share what they know as you call the Bingo letters: This is the letter that pig and pink and polka dot start with. It’s the letter . . . These clues offer kids with more advanced skills a challenge and a chance to shine.
  • Invite kids to assist you as guest Bingo callers—another good challenge opportunity for more advanced campers.
  • Pair kids of different skill levels, and ask them to check each other’s Bingo boards after each letter is called. This peer mentoring benefits both the more and less advanced camper.

2. Provide action breaks.

Thirty minutes is a long time for little kids to focus on a game, so be sure to insert “action breaks” that let kids shake their wiggles out and then refocus. Action breaks that reinforce letter names are especially great. Who can show me how to make your body into the shape of the letter L? How about the letter T?

Teacher-to-Teacher Tips

“Motivation is very teacher dependent. Don’t be shy—make it fun! I might say, What do you think the next letter will be? Oh my, oh my, I’m so excited . . . it’s W! W begins words like wow and windy and wacky, not to mention WOLF! Yikes! A Wolf! Everyone quick . . . find the W and cover it up before the wolf comes . . . he scares me!”
—Trista Peitzman, Johnston, Iowa

"We have small prizes for every game and we all get up and do a victory dance. Sometimes, we take a Musical Bingo Cards break, like Musical Chairs. Everyone gets up and walks around the table, then when the music stopped, they sit down in front of a new card and we play a new round. We play until everyone has a chance to be a winner.”
—Loretta Baker, Baltimore, Maryland

"The Bingo game is a big hit—and it is something to go back to, or repeat, if you have extra time."
-Kathy Smith, Toledo, Ohio


What are some strategies you’d like to use to make your Letter ID Bingo Game high energy and motivating, and to keep campers at all skill levels engaged and learning? Write your ideas in your Learning Log.

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