Take-home Materials: Super Why Worksheets

The Super Why worksheets below focus on vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Super Why Worksheets (Week 1)
Based on the story of “SUPER WHY and the Three Little Pigs,” campers find the right word to finish the sentence and Campers pick the word that best fills in the blank in the sentence.
  • Worksheets (PDF)

Super Why Worksheets (Week 2)
Based on the story of “Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure,” campers pick the words that best complete the sentence and Campers write in words to finish the sentence.
  • Worksheets (PDF)

Super Why Worksheets (Week 3)
Super Why’s Super Sentence Worksheet: Campers will pick a new word to put in the Super Why sentence and draw a picture to show its meaning.
Woofster’s Doggie Dictionary: Campers will find new words to put into their own Doggie Dictionary! After writing in the word, campers will draw a picture of what it means.
  • Worksheets (PDF)

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